Mizzen+Main The Blackman 2.0 White Dress Shirt | Spread Collar MM-1700-SC

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The Blackman 2.0 Mizzen+Main moisture wicking dress shirt has finally arrived to replace our original creation. This refreshed version features a convertible french cuff option whereby it can be worn normally as a double button miter cuffs or with a french cuff that splits between the two buttons.

  • The Blackman 2.0 is designed with our Mark IV fabric as seen in our green, purple, and blue ginghams. With vastly improved construction over our original shirt, the collars and cuffs are Wall Street Stiff.
  • It is equipped with Gen 4 temperature regulation. You will always look sharp. Breathes and keeps you cool in the heat, comfortable in the cool. 
  • Spread Collar
  • Stays wrinkle free all day long. The wrinkles just fall out.
  • Will not show sweat and discoloration. 
  • Does not need ironing and dry cleaning .
  • Can be washed gently by machine and hung up to dry – it’s ready to wear in 16 minutes with no ironing. 
  • Is proudly made in the United States.